Jack Bennett has a wife, two kids, the perfect job—and the perfect affair. When he is caught and it all comes crashing down, Jack is left with no one to turn to. No friends. No family, except his recovering drug addict of a sister.

On a Sunday morning drive, he sees a homeless man locked out of a church service, banging on the door. He stops and offers the guy a cup of coffee. He asks the man his name, and the guy says Yeshua. As in, Jesus.

Jack’s not stupid. This isn’t the real Jesus. But with nowhere else to turn, Jack forms an unlikely friendship with this eccentric homeless man—one that will test his idea of truth, faith, love, and forgiveness.

And Jack is completely unprepared for the real-life twists his story is going to take.

“And if you think you know where this is going, just wait.” -Jack Bennett, p. 33

Reader Reviews (snippets taken from Amazon reviews):

“Couldn’t put the book down, and didn’t even begin to guess the twist at the end. An absolutely beautiful story on many levels.” -Lorna Johnston

“I can’t imagine anyone not remembering this book long after they’ve come to the last page.”  -Shelley Waldaias

“Clements’ book surprised me. I thought it was one thing, a typical jab at the Christian establishment, and it turned out to be something different, a jab at what it means to be human and to long for love, but to come up short, the kind of jab that makes us all start looking, and maybe finding, that love we had forgotten.”  -Joe Bunting

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About The Author:

Brandon Clements is a pastor in Columbia, SC. He drinks coffee with no cream or sugar, once hit a cow with a truck (the cow lived), and adores his wife Kristi. This is his first novel.

You can find him at BrandonClements.com, on Twitter @brandonclements, or on Facebook.


Feel free to email thoughts or questions to Brandon at brandon (at) everybushisburning.com.